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February CLE

February 25, 2021 12:04 PM | Anonymous

Our February meeting was a 1 hour Ethics CLE entitled "Ethics - Empathy In Your Interactions".  This seminar was about several areas of Empathy.  Lack of Empathy, which touched on Con Artists who show empathy through mirroring, finding common ground by admitting your own anxieties, faults and desires, and how you show empathy in order to make you feel special. And "Know Your Audience"...when it is best to show empathy.  Also how impossible it is to show empathy if you don't Listen. To be a "Good Leader" you must understand other's feelings and perspectives, be emotionally intelligent, and be charitable.

DCPA held a fundraiser at Chili's at their Denton (Loop 288) location.  We raised over a hundred dollars.  Please keep watching for our next Chili (or other restaurant) Fundraiser in a neighborhood near you!

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